Terms and Conditions


I hereby acknowledge that during currency of this agreement I shall be liable as the owner of the vehicle let to me thereunder in respect of:
a. b. c.
Any fixed offence or contravention committed in respect of that under Part III of the Road Traffic Offence Act 1988:
Any excess parking charges, which may be incurred in respect of that vehicle in pursuant of an Order under section 45 and/or 46 of the Road Traffic Act 1984.
I also acknowledge that this liability shall extend to any to any other vehicle let to me under the same lease agreement and to any period by which the original period of hiring may be extended.

Statement of Liability and continuing; Terms & Conditions of Hire

There is a strict non-smoking policy in all vehicles. Any evidence of smoking within the vehicles will result in a significant deduction from your deposit. All Satnav CD’s & floor mats are to be returned within the vehicle and will result in a significant deduction from your deposit if they are not. You are responsible for any tyre damage/punctures whilst the vehicle is in your possession and all replacements must be of the same brand. A £30 admin fee is charged for every parking/speeding ticket obtained by you whilst the vehicle is in your possession. If the lease period exceeds 7 days, you are responsible for checking oil & water levels AND refilling where necessary. If any warning lights appear on the dashboard, you are responsible for informing us immediately via the 24hr telephone number above. You are fully responsible for the safekeeping of ignition keys and any subsequent costs due to loss of keys whilst the vehicle is in your possession. You are fully liable for ANY and ALL damages and repair costs incurred whilst the vehicle is in your possession. Repairs will ONLY be carried out at the Lessor’s approved repair centres. If vehicle has been placed in any repair centre or Council/Police compound due to your misdemeanour, you are fully liable for daily lease cost of the vehicle for the period of time the vehicle is not available to the Lessor. We will take all necessary legal action to pursue any outstanding costs owed to us by you including County Court action and the instruction of a debt collection agency for which you will be liable for all additional costs to recover any debts.